Mr AlJaaly’s Humanitarian Cardiac Initiative Founder

Mr Emad AlJaaly

About Mr AlJaaly

Consultant Cardiac & Minimally Invasive Surgeon
Lead for Cardiothoracic Research
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Hammersmith Hospital, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
A Pioneer Cardiac Surgeon and a leading Healthcare Innovator

Mr. Emad AlJaaly is a distinguished consultant cardiac and minimally invasive surgeon based at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, in the Hammersmith Hospital. With an impressive career spanning over two decades in the United Kingdom and more than a decade internationally, he stands out as a refined surgeon, a confident operator, and a pioneer in the field of cardiac surgery.

As a teenager, Mr AlJaaly saw people die from a simple need for heart valve replacement or the need for routine Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG). Soon he realised that heart services are considered a privilege for most African nations. This has influenced him significantly to pursue a medical degree and then to advance his skills to become a heart surgeon. His motivation is to initiate and drive a substantial change, to the lives of those who need it most.

Mr. AlJaaly’s mission is to lead a state-of-the-art, chain of (African Cardiac Centres) across several African countries, to bring high-quality specialised heart services and state-of-the-art cardiac healthcare to the most deprived communities within the underprivileged developing countries in Africa and beyond. He wants to promote wellness to relieve suffering, and to restore health as swiftly and completely as possible, delivered by a thriving workforce and driven by medical research that has a global impact.

About Mr AlJaaly


Nusrat Sayani

RN, BScN, MSc in Advance Nurse Practitioner
Senior Charge Nurse, Critical care
Hammersmith Hospital, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Personal motive: Excellence in care and serve humanity

She started a nursing Journey in the intensive care unit at Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi, and pursued an academic degree in nursing in Pakistan1996-2002. During the overseas experience period (1996-2003), she was not only involved in direct patient care but also performed clinical teaching and managerial tasks to run a 15-bed unit independently. Staffing scheduling and clinical teaching were the most highlighted roles among many other ongoing job responsibilities. Additionally, she was able to liaise with a multidisciplinary team in effective patient care and safe admission and discharge processes throughout her clinical experiences.

She completed an overseas nurse program in London in 2005. After gaining NMC registration, she started as a Band 5 critical care Nurse at Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust. With continuous hard work and dedication, She was promoted to Band 6 in 2010. She completed her Master’s qualification (July 2015) and gained more than 15 years experience of in taking charge of a 16-bed cardiothoracic intensive care unit at A6, Hammersmith Hospital. From Feb 2018 to August 2018, She was appointed to the acting Band 7 position. During this experience period, She was not only involved in direct patient care but also performed formal and informal clinical teachings, actively participated in quality improvement projects, led and coordinated the ward team and multidisciplinary team for safe and effective outcomes in patient care, managed a team of staff assuring that their appraisal and professional developmental needs are addressed and achieved within the specified time framework, and where required, identified and managed performance issues in line with trust policies. Her continuous support to the matron and senior sisters towards the professional development of the team members was acknowledged as the best employee of July 2019, and was commented a “Great teacher and inspirational nurse”. In Dec 2019, she was promoted to Band 7 Senior Charge Nurse. She is leading and coordinating the 35-bed critical care unit independently to ensure that the unit activities and departmental activities are managed well with a wide range of complex and conflicting priorities. Safe staffing level and skill mix are ensured to facilitate high-quality, individualized care to patients /clients and relatives/carers in collaboration with the multi-professional team, in line with the local and national guidelines and policies. Including, managing a team of staff to ensure appraisals and appropriate professional development are taking place at all times and identifying and managing performance issues in line with Trust policies. She also participated in departmental recruitment and selection campaigns, the clinical governance agenda, and budget management.

She has always actively pursued the evidence-based practice to improve the patient care outcomes. This included active participation in service evaluation, local audit, and research projects to identify the current practices and to ensure the findings of these are incorporated into adapting and disseminating best practices. Ongoing involvement in projects not only polished her research knowledge and skills on the systemic inquiry of evidence-based processes but also made her understand the challenges that the organization comes across to disseminate and incorporate innovation in clinical practice. Therefore, maintaining compliance with best practices to achieve a high rating in the inspection of care quality (CQC) is the priority agenda to achieve in the future.

In a voluntary capacity, she participated in a “Partnership Walk for a Cause” organized by the charity Aga Khan Foundation (UK) to raise money for education and health in developing countries. Nusrat, being a role model, strongly believes that diversity brings a variety of experiences and promotes respect for an individual’s identity and opinion.