Mr AlJaaly’s Humanitarian Cardiac Initiative African Cardiac Centre (ACC)

It is our mission to lead a chain of state of arts (African Cardiac Centres) across several African countries. We want to offer local, high-quality specialised heart services for inpatient care and outpatients, to those in the immediate region and beyond, to promote wellness to relieve suffering, and to restore health as swiftly and completely as possible.

The African Cardiac Centre, is to be unique in the region, as a centre of excellence, offering a full range of heart services for cardiology and cardiac surgery patients

medical and surgical patients. Affiliation with reputed centres in the United Kingdom to ensure continuous drive of fine expertise and skills will be achieved. Developing local skills, securing more jobs, and collaborating with the local government on securing regular referrals will be planned.

Also, the centre will have an established system to equally provide the same services to all human beings. There will be a set eligibility criterion for less affordable patients to get their treatment at the same standard as an affordable individual. The care pathway for each service will be established to ensure a regular flow of patient care without capacity and care issues. There will be multiple satellite units to offload the anticipated burden of those patients who require longer recovery period.