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Mr Emad AlJaaly offers comprehensive cardiac services in London, covering consultations, full range of cardiac investigations and minimally invasive cardiac surgery
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Patient experience with my services
"I recently underwent a triple bypass surgery under the care of Mr Al Jaaly. I hold Mr Al Jaaly in the highest regard and cannot fault his skill and care and that of the direct surgical team. Thank you."
M.H. October 2022
"My experience with Mr AlJaaly was excellent. I had a heart valve infection and was told that I need an emergency lifesaving procedure. Mr AlJaaly explained complex medical information in a way I could understand in an emergency setting, and he put me at ease throughout the entire process. He performed my surgery and saved my life. I highly recommend Mr AlJaaly to anyone in need of cardiac care."
S.F. January 2023
"I can't express how grateful I am to Mr AlJaaly for his exceptional skills and care. He performed a life-saving surgery on my father, and the results were nothing short of miraculous. His expertise and compassion are unparalleled. Thank you, Mr AlJaaly for all your care."
H.F. March 2023
"I had the privilege of being under the care of Mr AlJaaly and I can't speak highly enough of him. I had on going chest pain and was told by my cardiologist that I need a heart operation. He recommended strongly Mr AlJaaly, who performed my heart operation (coronary artery bypass surgery). He has done 4 new grafts to the arteries on my heart by using some arteries from inside my chest and some from my arm. He said he has done the operation on a beating heart (without stopping my heart). His expertise, combined with his compassionate approach, made a significant difference in my recovery. I am forever grateful to Mr AlJaaly."
R.A. April 2023
"I was fortunate to have Mr AlJaaly as my cardiac surgeon. He offered to treat my condition through a keyhole approach and not the standard chest incision though my breastbone. He told me that this approach will speed my recovery and reduce my pain after surgery. From the initial consultation to the successful procedure and follow-up care, he and his team demonstrated utmost professionalism and genuine concern for my well-being. I can hardly see the incision from the operation now. Fully healed and it is indeed a small scar. Thanks to his expertise, I'm now leading a healthier and happier life."
K.L. June 2023
"Mr AlJaaly is a true lifesaver. I am 82 years old. I had sudden severe chest pain and was rushed to emergency department. They told me I have a rupture in my aorta (they described it as the main artery coming out of my heart)! They told me that I need a very risky emergency big operation. I wasn’t sure that I can survive this! But Mr AlJaaly not only performed a very complicated cardiac surgery flawlessly but also provided unwavering support and guidance to me and my family. His dedication to me as his patient was truly remarkable, and I can't thank him enough for giving me a second chance at life."
K.D.July 2023
"Firstly, again thank you for your skills and treatment. My heart feels much stronger, and I can already manage walking and the stairs without pain, although some of the tiredness persists. My wounds all continue to recover well and have not caused any great issues-and as you explained in the pre-op, the chest wound continues to be rather tender but that is lessening all the time. Your explanation of my recovery process was accurate and pretty spot on, so basically my treatment and subsequent recovery is how you explained it would be. - look forward to further recovery and getting out and further about with my family. Again, thank you for your skills and treatment. "
D.W.June 2023
"To Mr AlJaaly and all his surgical cardiac team. I can’t thank you enough for fixing my heart (endocarditis requiring doble valve replacement). I felt very safe in your expert hands and couldn’t have wished for better care. My very best wishes and lifelong thanks."
P.L.December 2023